A Church in Southwark Borough but serving both Southwark and Lewisham boroughs and beyond:

St. Katharine with St. Bartholomew church is in the middle of a residential setting; serving residents/tenants of both Southwark and Lewisham Councils. The church is strategically located between the two boroughs. We are in the Anglican Diocese of Southwark.

A Church that has Strong Social Capital:

People who come to worship in this church have appreciated the family ties among worshipers; even though they may not be related to each other. The strong tie to each other is such that some worshipers travel from Essex, Newham, Peckham, Dulwich, etc. to worship at this church. At the end of the church service, they find it difficult to go home. For when they ‘asunder part, it gives [them] inward pain’.  After-church-service is often a time worshipers will gather in various groups discussing things from football matches to politics and the children running up and down and playing games like hide and seek. 

Style of Worship:

We have communion every Sunday during our services. So traditional! We are an Anglo-Catholic church. We sing both traditional and contemporary hymns. Our worship is hands-free, giving us room to dance, clap, and shake the tambourine; when we feel like doing any of these during worship. We emphasize participatory worship- the priest doesn’t lead all the aspects of the service. We, the lay people lead the first part of the service and our priest will preach and then do the communion.

Children and Young People-led Services:

Our children and young people are empowered to exercise their leadership potentials. Therefore every third Sunday, they lead the first part of the service. On other Sundays they have their own sessions; we call junior and intermediate church. Junior church is for those who are in primary school and intermediate church is for those of secondary school age. Todlers also join the junior session. Their sessions are facilitated by DBS checked adults. Currently we have five adults who have had diocesan training on safeguarding issues.  

Non-Sunday Service Church Activities:

When the weather is fine, we go out and have fun; more so in summer. We like having picnics in beaches outside London. At almost every birthday party or other joyful celebrations of members (e.g. christening), we support each other by providing food and drinks for the occasion. When trouble knocks on the door of a church member (say bereavement), we are also there to give moral and voluntary financial support.  

Mega-Church? No we are not!

On a typical Sunday, we are about 25 in number. The only bad thing we can say about our church is:  we like coming late for church services. But we are generous with our time though. Once we come to church, we are ready to stay and will  not grumble even when our priest may sometimes go beyond the 20 minutes sermon slot he has.  

We love our church! We hope you will love to come and worship in our church.